New Year, New Me!

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Big news!

Maybe you’ve noticed, once again, things have gone quiet around here. After a few months of bickering with myself back and forth, I’ve made the big decision to re-name my blog.

But! I love! It rhymes!

But the truth is, my blog name contains a derogatory term. That ain’t cool.

With the political turmoil in my home country, I cannot morally add to the fever of bigotry. I know there are a MILLION other popular blogs with the word “gypsy” in it, that have many more followers than my ole blog. The fact of the matter is thisI refuse to encourage racism and hatred by normalizing a slur.

Here is how I feel about it. Would it be appropriate to use the the blog name “The Nomadic N****.” HELL NO! I literally cringed typing that. So why is it appropriate for people of non-Roma descent to use the word “gypsy”? A word that was designed to ostracize a whole group of people. Men were taken to concentration camps. Women were beat to death in public AND still are threatened today. Children were kidnapped, sold, traded, if they weren’t murdered. Police detain children from their families for not looking like a gypsy- that is, the children had blonde hair and blue eyes. Schools in Italy and majority of Eastern Europe attempt to segregate an already belittled population. This is happening in 2017.

There aren’t many rules I believe in, but I do think it is wrong to “reclaim” a slur that is not designed for you. Yes, after decades of translations, gypsy has been added to the dictionary as a free-spirited person BEHIND the complete definition as the Roma people.

“Aye Lauren, lighten up a little? It’s just a joke. People take things so seriously now.”

That’s the problem. We’ve created a culture of humor where we have the power to mock, abuse, and use other culture’s, often sacred, traditions. I’m not saying I’ve never done that—I used to love dressing in Native clothing (on Thanksgiving *SHUDDER*). We can create new words. The dictionary adds a few every single year. Twerking ring a bell?

After a few months of soul-searching, I have chosen the name “Queen of Carry On” to represent my little space on the interwebz.

We will still focus on short-term travel, stress free living, and laughing at (and hopefully learning from) my countless mistakes. In the next few days, you will notice the blog will be redirected to I would love to hear your thoughts on the name change!

Here’s to a new year filled with making the extra effort for an exquisite existence! Cheers y’all!