A Day in Bangkok

One day in Bangkok.
a day in bangkok || a tipsy gypsy life

I’m not going to lie, I knew nothing (appropriate) about Bangkok. The whole SEA trip was extremely last minute. My best friend said meet me in Asia and I said alright. I had dreamt about Bali and Phucket. But Bangkok? A complete stop-over city, but so worth it!

First thing you should know about Bangkok is that it is extremely warm and humid. Much more like a sauna than the depths of hell, however, I highly suggest buying clothes upon arrival. The locals know how to stay cool without being half-naked AND clothes are very, very affordable. Like $2 USD for a pair of badass multi-colored pants affordable.

After getting stocked up and cooled down, we hit the streets to take in the city life. Bangkok actually quite is beautiful and a little more green and peaceful than I expected. Not only does a river cut through the city, but little canals wind away from the main river and allow for little pockets of trees and grass.

Being Florida girls (and fools), we didn’t have sunscreen. It’s bright out there people, and though you can’t see it in our pictures, sun damage did occur. Please remember to lather up.


one day in #bangkok || a tipsy gypsy life

MOST importantly, we got amazing Thai food. I know what you’re thinking, “Pad thai is the shit and that’s all I’d eat if I was there.” But hear me out on this spicy dish from heaven… I had to squeak “QWAY TEE-OW”, one too many times, hoping they would understand what I was saying because I never saw it written down. But I did look up the name for you- it’s called kuai tiao ruea. I confess, I am a soup FIEND. A pho ho. I lit-er-ally can’t get enough pho back in New Orleans, but this is something else. Thin, soft noodles, salty warm broth, and an ungodly amount of meats and green onions at all hours of the day. As per all Thai food, SO affordable. The most expensive one I got (also the best) was still only about 3 USD (100 baht) and the average price is 1-2 USD (30-50 baht). I have to mention, kuai tiao is very far from vegetarian friendly. Traditionally, a bit of pigs/cows blood is added for extra flavor.

a day in #bangkok || a tipsy gypsy life #travel

Second best part, fresh fruit all day all day (Kanye West). Mango, papaya, pineapple, you name it. I went for the luscious dragon-fruit of course… Or so I thought. Turns out this is called pitaya. You learn something new every day 😉

a day in #Bangkok || a tipsy gypsy life || #travel #happy #fruit

After all that eating, I FINALLY found a way to satisfy my appetite… For those who don’t know, I’m a shameless bookworm. I would have devoured that whole fridge, except for the fact that I don’t speak Thai. My Americanisms hurt sometimes… Since we are talking about books though, I finally got to finish one of my new favorite books- “Love in the Time of Cholera.”

 a day in #bangkok || a tipsy gypsy life #travel

Does it look like we just shopped and ate all day? Guilty as charged. I mean, we did try to go into the Palace but it was a complete clusterfeck. Don’t forget to wear modest clothing (cover legs and shoulders) if you plan on visiting. It was also the Queen’s birthday, so that might’ve added to the excitement of trying to visit. As I’ve mentioned, FOMO doesn’t exist for me, so we continued to dine and observe.


a day in #bangkok || a tipsy gypsy life #travel

For the evening, we went down the famous Khao San Road. It’s basically a street lined with bars and massage parlors. Expect bone-shaking loud music and extra large brews. It does seem to cater to the young, rowdy backpacking crowd, but don’t let that stop you if that aint ya scene. You can find some of the best street pad thai on Khao San Road and they have stands with extremely cute clothes. I got a forever 21 quality romper for about $4 USD.


a day in #bangkok | a tipsy gypsy life #travel



Overall, my little glimpse into Bangkok was heavenly, but I would definitely recommend spending more than 24 hours there.