Where I've Been and Where I'm Going

I’m Lauren, your average American girl who left home in Florida at 18 to pursue a degree and experience all that the world has to offer. Six years and 21 countries later, I’m out in California trying to balance graduate school and the insatiable desire for travel.

Okay, so maybe a few things have happened between then and now. I’ve gotten to fly over an active volcano, dance with Mardi Gras Indians, and work at a legal MMJ dispensary. In 6 months, I’ll be turning 25 and my goal has always been to visit 25 countries before my quarter-life mark. But there’s a catch- I want to accomplish this and maximize the power of travel by participating in sustainable tourism. Join me on my journey.

 a tipsy gypsy life:

You do no harm, take no shit. You always take the road less traveled, unless the more traveled one looks like a better time. You left your heart in New Orleans (or Paris, or Bangkok). You never let a friend dance or drink alone, whether it be a cabernet or a coffee. You always thank the driver. You know the only things you really need are cash, an ID, and a good attitude. You’re a tipsy gypsy, alright.

I’m not the only one. A tipsy gypsy is a gal who is here to change the world and having a damn good time doing it. Also known as a bad girl with good intentions. We might drink a little too much, laugh a little too loud, and we’re a little cautious of those who don’t. We don’t confuse extravagance with adventure. We know a good book can change your life. We’ve slept in airports, in tents, and on floors. We might read the Bible (or Koran, or the Sutras) with a joint in hand.  We guard our minds but not our hearts. We love to look, listen, and live. We never stop exploring.

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a tipsy gypsy life || #singapore

Still want to know more?  Smitten by the world and all it has to offer, I believe in the responsibility of pursing your own happiness- whatever that may be! Mine happens to be divided between a desire to enjoy the world and a desire to improve it -so I try and do just that. I’m not a full-time nomad by any means, just a curious girl with the terrible desire to fall in love with every corner of the world. Internationally, my passion is the power of travel and tourism, and how we can travel better. Stateside, I’m working on Education Reform. There are plenty of legitimate social enterprises and ethical companies that travelers can enjoy, like Vayando  and Rainforest Expeditions , and I intend on discovering (and sharing!) them all.

a tipsy gypsy life # tomorrowworld #rave