How to Stay FIT While Traveling

I’ve been meaning to post this for about three weeks now because almost immediately after posting my “how to stay sane while traveling” post, a friend texted me and said “f*** my sanity, how do you stay fit traveling?”

I’ve honestly found it almost easier to stay in shape while traveling solo than back in the states. (induce eye-roll now) But really! You don’t feel as tempted to grab a cheeseburger (swoon) when you’re surrounded by new foods and you have plenty of opportunity to walk around. Here are the rules I follow in order to stay fit while travelling.


One meal a day must be soup or salad

For me, this is to keep my vitamin levels feeling pleasant. I feel downright sluggish if I can’t get at least one serving of fresh vegis a day. Surprisingly, I’ve found Greek salads served in most of the world. When in doubt, go Greek because it will most definitely have a plethora of fresh vegis no matter where you are.

how to stay #fit while #traveling || a tipsy gypsy life

Get a 50-30-20 routine

I promise you will love yourself if you stick to this! Switch it up with whatever you like, although I suggest keeping at least one static exercise

50 bicycle crunches
30 sumo squats
20 walking plank to push up*

*My FAVORITE static exercise -start in a forearm plank position. Bring your right arm to push-up position, bring your left arm to match. Do one push-up and return down one arm at a time to forearm plank. Repeat.


Avoid taxis (especially during the day)!

SO many reasons. You’ll be able to get a more local vibe by walking and utilizing public transportation. You’ll save yourself some cash. ANNNND you’ll be keeping your heart pumping. What else could a traveller want?

the "Taxi Trap" how to avoid it and stay #fit while #traveling || a tipsy gypsy life



Don’t be that girl that passes out in the middle of a tour! Water is life, my loves, never doubt that! It keeps your organs running properly, your skin smooth as a baby’s bottom, and energizes you. Drank it up.


Adopt an adventure mindset

Even if you consider yourself unathletic, that is no reason to short yourself on the exquisite adventures! For those looking for a physical challenge, mountain biking is one of the most intense sports you can do all over the world. If you aren’t too keen on the possibility of wiping out, look for watersports such as kayaking or snorkeling.

how to stay #fit while #traveling || a tipsy gypsy life

Get your 2-a-days in

Not workouts, good stretches! This lady is my favorite – Tara Stiles. The benefits of a good stretch are endless. In the morning, sunsaluatations will open up your lungs, awaken your nervous system, and give you the opportunity to meditate before exploring the world. Before bed, realign your spine with these never-fail poses.

How to stay #fit while #traveling || a tipsy gypsy life

Never doubt the power of a good shake

Shake your tailfeathers, groovething, booty, a$$. Whatever you wanna call it, just get it done. Dancing is a wonderful cardio option, as well as great for strengthening the calves and thighs. Try to work up a good sweat to really make it a work out.


dancing my a off in Singapore


When in doubt, vodka comes out.

It’d be silly to suggest giving up drinking. But there is a big difference between a pina coloda and a vodka martinti – over a 400 cal difference.

how to stay #fit while #traveling || a tipsy gypsy life

Give yourself a break!

Whatever you do, enjoy yourself! I promise you will not actually gain 10 lbs in two weeks from eating pasta in Italy. The best thing you can do for yourself after a good meal is to get great rest afterwards. Let your body digest and appreciate the deliciousness.



Hope you enjoyed these tips! How do you stay fit while traveling? What’s the most intense physical adventure you’ve been on while traveling? 

  • Molly McIlvaine

    I like your one meal a day must be soup or salad! I was in Africa eating Greek salads and thought it was the funniest thing.

    Great tips!

    • Lauren E

      Thank you! Glad someone else could relate hehe

    • What a small world! I love when other travelers have little mutual experiences like that 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  • When I’m on holidays, I also either order a salad for a lunch or for a dinner – I need vegetables in my diet. It’s unbelievable but I actually always loose weight when I travel – that’s probably because I am very active – I walk, or snorkel or ride a bike the whole day 🙂

    • Lauren E

      That’s very interesting, I tend to do the same! Sounds like we know how to have a good trip 😊

    • That’s a pleasant surprise I’m sure and you sound like you definitely know how to have a fun trip with all that activity. Love your site, btw!

      • Thank you very much Lauren! I’m flattered 🙂

  • Natalie Minniss

    Great tips! I recently lost over 80 lbs and it was all while I was traveling every other week for work! So it’s totally possible! Pinning this one 🙂