Packing for 18 days in SE Asia 

Just touched down in Denver, finished the first leg of my trip. 3 hours down, 27 to go. Going from Denver to Tokyo is about 12 hours, by far the longest flight I’ve been on. Luckily I was pretty well prepared for the first one, and have time to stock up for the big guy. I snagged a window seat so hopefully it will be light out enough to see some things. I don’t get into Singapore until 12:00 am Tuesday, which is going to mess up the whole “adjusting to a new time zone” thing but I mean I’m going to friggin Singapore so can’t complain 😊 but anyways, I need some direction Internet. What are your must see/ do in Singapore? What about Bangkok? Bali? Basically I’m winging this one and would love some advice 🙂

Ive been a firm believer in not checking bags since birth, so at this point I have it down pat. Packing is actually a fun activity for me, although it never gets done more than 12 hours in advance hehe.

Here’s what I packed for 18 days in SE Asia in a carry-on.
-Pink Nike Duffle-

4 bath suits

4 athletic tanks

3 blouses

3 dressy tanks

3 printed pants

3 sundresses

3 pair shorts

3 bras (one sports)

2 pair sleep shorts

2 shawls

1 pair legging

1 chambray shirt

1 t-shirt

1 sandal


1 sleep mask

-Electronics bag-

Go pro hero 3

iPad mini

Diggie cam

Phone charger

-Girly Bag – notice how cool it is! My loves mum (who is a saint) got it for me for the trip 😁




Lipstick (I’m vain)


Baby wipes




Malaria pills


Face wash

Toothbrush & paste

Shampoo & conditioner ** I normally would just advise waiting till you arrive at your destination, but I land at midnight in Singapore so I ain’t taking no chances.

Quite possibly the most important aspect of packing…


iPad mini

Nivea  Chapstick

2 Luna bars

1 cliff bar


Baby wipes

Smart water




Compression socks- the one thing I forgot to get before the airport! Shame on me. At least I got a sweet pair of Saints socks #whodat!

I’ll be in touch once I get to Tokyo!