Should you travel to Singapore?

Should you travel to Singapore?



1) It’s the cleanest country I’ve been to

2) It’s impossibly safe

3) It’s not nearly as strict as the Internet likes to portray- just don’t be a dick.

4) The food is amazing- deserts and spicy soup galore!

5) Shop until you drop … I honestly can’t find a precise number but picture malls upon malls 3 stories+ with hundreds of shops. Local goods, luxury stores, and the average Victoria’s Secret/ forever 21, etc.

6) It’s not as expensive as you might think. Yes alcohol is expensive. Avoid that and you’re in the clear. Look for Airbnb for accommodations and eat at the hawker stands.

7) Easy transportation- the metro is beautiful.

In a nutshell, Singapore is the kitties titties. I landed around midnight, snagged a cab with the most informative, kind cabbie. He didn’t even charge me for the late night fee.

Thank de law, Titty (my best) met me at our badass, and I mean BADASS king size bed for 40 a night… Complete luxurious dorm! My pictures truly don’t do it justice. We spent a few hours checking out China town and catching up… Falling asleep at 6 am probably wasn’t the best but thanks to the gorgeous curtains around our bed slept till 11. The country is absolutely beautiful! So clean, so much color oh and the people are so friendly. Titty and I were lamely trying to flag a cab in the bus lane. After five/ten mins of straight denial the sweetest older guy came and explained that there was a queue across the street where the cabs stop hehe #tourist

Should you travel to Singapore? || a tipsy gypsy life

Titty and her Kopi
 Our first home Adler Hostel was located in Chinatown. An extremely colorful part of town, we walked around in awe, ate kaya toast, and drank Singaporean coffee (Kopi). Okay, I had tea because I was le craving the refreshing taste of iced tea.

My favorite part of Chinatown was visiting the temples. They were very patient with me and my 150 questions- hey! I didn’t want to disrespect anyone. I was able to go in for some prayer and peace: “Release me from myself” is my personal prayer. You know the saying, “You’re far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.” That’s human nature for you. We focus our energies on nourishing the ego without nourishing our skills, souls, or selves. I want to rid myself of the defensiveness, anxiety, and depression, all of which come from within. I’ve been on this journey for a few years and it does have its ups and downs like anything in life. Places of peaceful worship always soothe my soul and humble me. Those reading this that know me probably aren’t surprised. I tend to concern myself way too much on the big things in life and what is after life and what is the aim of life what’s right and wrong etc etc etc. neurotic ? Maybe. But it’s something I need. We all want peace and Ive been more at peace the past year than at any point in my life.

Should you travel to Singapore? || a tipsy gypsy life

But anyways
Singapore! Ugh it is impeccably clean. The greenery is outstanding’ so many parks and trees and shrubbery. The rain keeps the island extremely lush, not to mention the weather has been near perfect, us Florida gals weren’t even close to hot.

Mee soto soup & teh

We really just walked around all day embracing the gorgeous country. Of course we went by the Merlion. I didn’t understand that it was a MERlion like mermaid hehe. But I’m so ecstatic it was!

Very creative.

We relocated to our new place, an equally amazing Airbnb. Snagged a few moments rest and headed to the Marina bay to catch the light show! It was definitely worth rushing through the metro.

Super classy Airbnb!

The next day, we grabbed some more delish Mee Soto for breakfast and did some shopping…. More shopping than I’ve done in my life!

Finally, we got to the most beautiful of all-

Ended the night here-

So if you can get to Singapore- do it! You won’t regret it.

a proper ice-cream sandwich

Off to Bali tomorrow! 😘