How to Relax on a Flight When You Have Travel Anxiety


Love to travel but don't know how to #relax? Follow these tips to a calm #flight || a tipsy gypsy life


Look, flying is absolutely bizarre. They have to calculate a bunch of angles, zoom around at extreme speeds, and get all the passengers to get along. Unfortunately for me, my anxiety hits at random times. Some flights, I hardly even notice we are in air. Other times, I am certain I made-a-grave-mistake-and-I-forgot-to-tell-mom-I-love-her. It can be a stressful environment, but we don’t have to fall victim to the bad vibes! Let the fear of flying go with these personally tried and true tips.


Start with Distracting Music

Wouldn’t necessarily go for straight soothing jazz- I personally enjoy whatever will distract me. Please be courteous of the people next to you and don’t turn it up to 100%.  I’ve found being able to kinda hear what is going on around me helps with the physical anxiety. Some recent favorites are:

Sunshine by Tom Misch
Boiling by Disclosure
Section by 2 Chainz
Calm Down by  G-Eazy
Hands to Myself by Selena Gomez


Have Multiple Books to Choose From

Ideally, an ipad or kindle will save the day. Some people refuse to bring a kindle, but for someone like me, that shit’s more valuable than malaria pills. Luckily almost every airport carries some books and magazine for purchase. If you’re going abroad, get your books in your home country unless you speak the language of the place you are going. I’ve been very disappointed assuming I could hop in a little bookstore in Barcelona only to realize Catalan is way out of my league. Try to keep one novel/literature book and one book that can stimulate your mind. Being able to switch between the two is a wonderful distraction


Bring Aromatherapy

Please don’t open a bottle of peppermint essential oil and start flinging wildly like a Catholic priest. Not everyone enjoys the same scents and it’s a little cruel to trap them in the air with that. Instead, take an eye-mask (get them a Walgreens or CVS before) and dab some lavender essential oil on the side that does NOT touch your face. Whenever you start to get anxious, bring the eye-mask to your face inhale the soothing scent.


Wear a Scarf

When it comes down to it, we all want to feel safe. We know to protect ourselves, but when we are out of our comfort zone, we can feel a little like a cornered animal. Think about a dog who uses an thunder jacket. They need the pressure to feel safe. On an airplane, using a soft, warm scarf to “protect” your neck will help you subconsciously relax.


Have a Glass of Wine

A glass of WINE. Look, we all know someone who has gotten loose as a goose on an airplane before (…) but save yourself the drunken hysterics. If you’re already feeling a little out of your element, throwing whiskey in the mix is NOT going to help. On the other hand, I can’t really argue against one glass of wine. Start with white and if you need more, you can always get another.


Take Care of Yourself

If you’re hungry, munch. If you’re tired, sleep. If you feel cramped, please get up and walk around! Be sure to drink a lot of water. My general rule is two bottles of water for every 3 hours of flying. Get something filling before getting on the plane, even if you don’t think you are hungry. You certainly don’t want to be depending on pretzels and peanuts for survival.

Try a Coloring Book

So happy I finally had a chance to try these bad boys out on my recent trip to Aruba. Experts say that your mind goes into meditation mode and it’s used as therapy for couples. The one I bought came with double-sided coloring pencils- so convenient. Ask the person next to you to color with you for further distraction.


Listen to an Audiobook

I understand that not everyone enjoys reading, but that shouldn’t keep you from knowing all the good stories! Ladies, I’ve already compiled the list of books you should read before 30 right here. Pro-tip: try finding one with a British accent. Stumbled upon one a few years ago and it was magical.


Scroll Through Your Photos

On your phone! I still have to fly on budget planes that do not have wifi (gasps from all the rich betches) so Pinterest is just out of reach. Looking at pictures of my dog whilst flying really soothes me. Looking at pictures of old trips gets me excited. ANNND having live photos via 6s is truly life-changing. Literally can watch my Smokey Bear lick his lips post ocean dip- adorable.




How do you survive flying with anxiety? Does fear keep you from traveling? Have you ever thought you had a row to yourself only to have two stinky sweaty boys scramble onto the plane last minute just to take the two seats next to you? 

7 Ways to Relax After a Long Day

As the summer slowly fades into yet another wonderful season, we tend to be hit with a bout of anxiety. “It’s almost Halloween? But I still have my Fourth of July decor out!” Lucky for you, patriotism is always in season, so let’s worry about more pressing issues. Like your sanity. Don’t find yourself overwhelmed, you got this.


7. Turn it off

If you’re one of those people that can’t imagine turning your phone off, you should definitely try it. Shutting down early will also help you get that deep sleep we all dream of.

Can't calm down? Follow these tips to #relax after a long day || a tipsy gypsy life

6. Write it down

Plenty of people love the just write method, but I tend to make lists. If your particularly stressed, reflect on what went right today and you’ll be spewing positivity in no time.

Can't calm down? Follow these tips to #relax after a long day || a tipsy gypsy life

5. Laugh it up

As much as people like to hate, the TV is great for ultimate relaxation. My personal favorite has recently been The League, which is so ridiculous I can’t help but get a little lost in it ☺️

4. Breathe it in

Try an essential oil diffuser. Lavender is a favorite scent for battling stress, but cedar wood or orange blossom will work as well. Not fond of oils? Rub some lavender lotion on your wrists and arms for a similarly soothing effect. Not fond of touch? (strange…) Settle with a beautiful, luminous candle.

Can't calm down? Follow these tips to #relax after a long day || a tipsy gypsy life

3. Warm up

Naturally, tea comes to mind but don’t skimp on this one if you aren’t a tea fan! Having a broth-based soup like miso is sure to soothe.

Can't calm down? Follow these tips to #relax after a long day || a tipsy gypsy life

2. Wine down

Or two, but not much more or it will mess with the quality of your sleep. Stick with a Pinot Noir to reap all the benefits

Make the best out of #autumn || a tipsy gypsy life #thanksgiving

1. Pamper yourself

My favorite way to unwind. Preferably with wine in hand, mask on face, and bubble bath steaming. Is there a DIY face mask you’ve been dying to try? Haven’t painted your nails in a while? Maybe your head needs some loving.  You deserve it.

Can't calm down? Follow these tips to #relax after a long day || a tipsy gypsy life



What do you do to wind down after a long day? What show makes you laugh the most?


21 Healthy Ways to Deal with Depression in College

Ah, depression. We all go through ruts, but some are more severe then others. Although the easiest way to deal with depression and anxiety is often unhealthy (binge-eating? Penny Pitchers?) Use these 21 tips to deal with whatever comes your way, in a healthy fashion.

 21. Go for a walk somewhere new.

Getting fresh air and a new experience? Take that tears!

20. Call the family member who loves you most.

Don’t jump down my throat, we all have that family member that thinks we are somethin’ else. Cherish that person.

19. Set a goal.

Baby steps, ya’ll. Something like getting out of bed 5 days this week or call 3 friends or run 10 miles. Whatever would make you feel good about yourself.

18. Read a book you love.

Especially if you’ve only read it once. Depression can cause attention issues, so choosing a book you’ve already read is less stressful and you ALWAYs find a line or two you missed before.

17. Plan a trip.

Even if it’s the dream trip you’ll be taking once you make your first million. Pinterest is GrEAt for day dreaming and trip planning.

 16. Get some sun.

There’s no way around it. Through some SPF on and get dat D ….. Vitamin D.

 15. Explore your home-town.

Oye my apologies if you live in a place population < 1,000. But realistically there is always more to see!

 14. Bawl your eyes out.

This is a slippery slope. Try allowing yourself a certain amount of time such as a long shower and then when you’re finished, have something to do once you’re done. DIY project, netflix, etc.


So you know how back in the day doctors would let patients bleed to “let the bad blood out”? Writing is how you get your bad blood out. Promise.

12. Look at pictures from a fun time.

Spring break? I’m referring the the ones that (rightfully) never made it to social media. That’s where the true happiness is.

 11. Have a good cup of tea (or coffee!)

Some people will tell you coffee is bad for you. You don’t need those people in your life! Don’t forget to breathe in the steam mm.

10. Find a free yoga class.

Most cities have them. They are often under “community yoga”, so a donation is appreciated. (Don’t be a dick)

9. Read someone like you.

“The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath is probably the original, honest look into an emotionally unstable person. The book was an autobiography but she published it as a novel. Another one is Charles Bukowski- my favorite line from him is “sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning, and you think, “I’m not going to make it” but then you laugh, thinking of all the times you felt this way.”

8. Paint your nails.

Not just to keep yourself busy! A key to managing depression (and anxiety) is to do the things you DO have control over- painting your nails, keeping your space clean, etc.

7. Just say yes.

One of the most difficult aspects of depression is getting yourself out of the house. When a friend asks you to go to Walgreens or to the yoga class she raves about, just go. You can always go home if you aren’t enjoying yourself.

6. Get some giggles.

Netflix deserves an award. Not quite sure what that would be, but they definitely deserve one! Some shows I like are VP, Brink, and Trailer Park Boys (sue me).

5. Visit the rec center.

~PROMISE ME~ you will utilize your universities rec center. Even if you have no plan of action, just getting dressed and in the gym is a big step.

4. Treat yo-self!

I’m aware college can be a time for pinching of pennies, but I assure you, there is ALWAYS a trick. Schools like Aveda usually offers a discount when you use a student. And *ALWAYS* whip out your student ID, discounts are a real thing people.

3. Get a junior-psychologist.

My term for that one friend that is just like *so* understanding and non-judgmental. We all have that person. And if you don’t, I can (try to) be that person for you.

2. Assess yourself.

Figuring out whether you have a case of the blues or clinical depression is pretty damn important. The blues come and go in a fleeting mood whereas depression is a constant cloud of misery. If it’s just a case of the blues, check out what could be your stressor. Studying a major you REALLY don’t want to study? Toxic friend? Blowing all your cash on penny pitchers? Still stressful as hell buht, different tactics are necessary milady.

And if all else fails…

1. Hug the dog!

If you don’t have one, spend time with a friend that has one. Or even better, volunteer! The doggies get love and you get happy too. Win-win.

And always remember the storm shall pass. Dance in the rain?


We all get the blues. Deal with it like a bad bitch with these healthy alternatives #depression #college