What To Do With Your Old Birch Boxes


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“Ah, Birch Box. We’ve been friends for quite some time. You’ve introduced me to Coola, dry conditioner, and a host of other goodies. You always manage to be tastefully colorful and I can’t stand to throw you away, even after all of your presents have been depleted…”

Have you ever had this conversation with a handful of old Birch Boxes? They are so hard to throw away! Maybe I’m a hoarder (I’ve been told this once or twice), but I know I’m not the only one who keeps almost every Birch Box.  I suppose you could recycle, but I prefer to keep these cuties around in the following ways. Here are some of my favorite uses for old Birch Boxes.



It does take a little bit of effort to actually print pictures out, but having them on hand is necessary. I’m always worried my cloud will be altered and all my favorite pictures will be lost!

Thank You Cards and Stamps

Having your cards and stamps together saves a load of trouble- it took me two minutes to write my thank you cards for christmas and two weeks to finally remember to grab some stamps while out and about.


Train tickets and boarding passes, graduation announcements, or festival wristbands- whatever floats your boat should be stored and easily accessible.

Desk Accessories

My favorite place to store pencils +erasers that won’t fit in my desktop pencil holder. Also great for paper clips, washi tape, and folder clips.

Business cards

The best part about traveling is meeting people and since I don’t have a facebook, often times my only hope is grabbing a business card. I have a collection of cards from all over the world.

Hair Ties and Rogue Bobby-Pins

Both a blessing and a curse, bobby-pins are here to stay in hair culture. Partner them up with your hair ties to create grab-n-go pairs for travels, exercise, or work.

Letters to Yourself

Sometimes we need a reality check that we can only get from ourselves. Write to yourself when you’re feeling feisty, sad, or a excited. You might surprise yourself.

 Costume Jewelry

Faux-gold bangles with nowhere to go, feathers for halloween, and cloth Mardi Gras masks have all found a home in a Birch Box.


What’s your favorite use for an old Birch Box? Do you throw them all away or hoard them all?

How to Make the Most of Autumn

Oh, it’s here. Even though I live in one of the most season-less places in the U.S., I am still ecstatic for fall. Doesn’t everyone just love autumn? The crisp air, crunchy leaves, and cozy clothes make every day a delight. Although October is my favorite month, I thought why not start the festivities now? Here is what I try to do to make the most out of autumn.

Make a spiked spiced apple cider

God bless the internet. This year, the apple cider is making a vicious (and delicious) come back. My favorite so far is found on coffee beans and bobby pins, where the moscow mule is given a fall make-over.
Want to make the most out of autumn? collection of the seasons best || a tipsy gypsy life

See some fall foliage

You can’t have autumn without the burnt oranges and reds of falling leaves. Try to find the nearest state park, which is likely to have one or more species that change colors. 

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find one here

Do an autumn DIY

Aren’t ghosts and pumpkins just adorable? What about a piece of candy corn made out of buttons? Or maybe you’re more into pumpkin spice latte sugar scrub? The possibilities are endless.

How to make the most out of #autumn || Do a Fall DIY || a tipsy gypsy life

@ repeatcrafterme.com


Get into some fall nails 

Oh my LAW. There is something just so fierce about fall colors deep burgundies and matte browns every where you turn. The best place for a pop of color is on your nails. You deserve it.

Make the most out of #fall

see 3 fall colors @ temptalia.com

Plan a killer Thanksgiving

Doesn’t matter who surrounds your table, just be sure to give the present of presence. Consider a phone-less table rule this year. And don’t forget to bring something, like some dinner  vino.

Make the best out of #autumn || a tipsy gypsy life #thanksgiving

Make a pumpkin treat

I’m all about the baked donuts because they go perfectly with any warm fall beverage. Try these pumpkin glazed donut holes. Or keep it savory with a pumpkin & sage courgetti by The Londoner. How to make the most out of #autumn || a tipsy gypsy life #pumpkin

Try LUSH’s fall bath bombs

One of the best things in life is a good LUSH purchase. This time of year, catch adorable Halloween themed bath treats like this sparkly pumpkin I couldn’t resist.


how to make the most of #autumn || a tipsy gypsy life #fall

Go pumpkin patching

It’s surprisingly delightful to see the assortment of pumpkins. The natural variance in shape, size, and color is perfect for photos, so don’t forget to snap a few of your favorite.

How to make the most out of #autumn || a tipsy gypsy life # pumpkin

Get a soft scarf

Come on, don’t torture yourself with a cute but really f*kin itchy scarf. Because all you will think about is that it is a really f*kin itchy scarf. 

How to make the most out of your #autumn || a tipsy gypsy life

Start a new series

If you’re going to cuddle up with a spiked cider and hopefully something (or someone) cozy, what better way to do it than with a new series you can’t get enough of.

How to make the most out of #autumn || a tipsy gypsy life

read POPSUGARS New Shows for Fall 2015

Prepare yourself for the holidays

It’s never to early to start getting gifts! I absolutely love being on gift lookout, and starting ahead of schedule keeps spirits calm when sh*t hits the fan.
How to make the most out of your #autumn || a tipsy gypsy life

Pick up a new skill

With the days getting shorter and nights getting longer, now is the perfect time to invest in yourself before the craze of the holidaze (see what I did there?).

Love the fall but don't know where to start? Read how to make the most out of your #autumn || a tipsy gypsy life


What do you do to make the most out of fall? What’s your favorite fall tradition? 



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