23 Things to do on Friday Night Instead of Getting Drunk

23 things to do instead of tipsy gypsy


Look, drinking is usually wonderful. But every now and then a Friday rolls around and the last thing I want to do is down a bunch of wine that will make me feel quite ill in the morning. Here are my favorite 23 things to do on Friday night when I don’t feel like getting drunk.

23. Go to a dance class


22. Paint your nails


21. Bake something delicious


20. Pamper yourself with an at-home spa night


19. Listen to an album you used to love


18. Create a work-out playlist


17. Write a bucket list


16. Call a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while


15. Plan a vacation on Pinterest


14. Practice meditating


13. Write an unexpected thank you letter


12. Go to a comedy show


11. Do an adult coloring book


10. Skype with a friend you haven’t seen in over 6 months


9. Visit the highest point in your city


8. Clean out your wardrobe


7. Try a new you-tube make-up tutorial


6. Have a photoshoot


5. Go on a dessert date with a friend


4. Watch your favorite childhood Disney movie


3. Do a vision board


2. Put on some house music and practice shuffling!


1. Write a letter to a soldier



How do you spend your Friday nights? Anyone not drink at all?

Where to Fight a Hangover in New Orleans

Hungover in #NOLA ? Of course you are... Fight it with the best Pho in the city || #travel #neworleans #food

One of my favorite things about living New Orleans was heading to one of the many Vietnamese restaurants, ordering Pho Bo and spring rolls, and kissing my sorry-ass hangover goodbye. The best part? It didn’t matter where I was in life, broke, ballin’ or binge-drinking, there was always a pho for me! Promise if you visit, you will get some real  foreign soul food at one my favorite four Vietnamese restaurants!

For the drinker…

 514 City Park Ave
New Orleans, LA 70119
Get you some crafted cocktails, like my favorite, the Viper (which is made with house infused ginger/galangal vodka) and sit down on the covered patio to watch fireflies and the people go by. But the best part? So. Many. Options. You can get anything from poached eggs to pork belly including which broth you’d prefer- vegi, beef with marrow, or fowl.


To feel like a local…

 Lilly’s Cafe
1813 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Ugh, I miss this place SO.DAMN.MUCH. It was actually one of the first dates my love took me on. But mostly because it is one of the most lush bowls of pho I have ever seen- I always have extra to bring home (bonus, bitches!)  Located on the quirky Magazine Street, people will drive from most of the city for this perfected place, so expect lunch time to be packed. Don’t forget to get a Lilly Roll!

On a budget…

135 North Carrolton
New OrleansLA70119
Talk about a LIFE-SAVER. This is great for budget travelers, students, AND when you’re too tipsy to drive. They deliver to most neighborhoods in the area (mid-city, treme, uptown) and get it quick. Don’t worry, it may be inexpensive ($8.00) but it gets the job done.

On a date…

Cafe Minh
4139 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70119
Nestled away on Canal street, hidden by great oaks and Spanish moss, Cafe Mihn is the ideal upscale(ish) vietnamese place.  With a wonderful assortment of wine and cozy setting, Cafe Mihn makes the perfect date pho. Indulge in whatever the chef’s option is for the day- one time it was duck! (insert o-face here)

What is your favorite hang-over cure? Any tricks you’d like to send my way?