23 Things to do on Friday Night Instead of Getting Drunk

23 things to do instead of tipsy gypsy


Look, drinking is usually wonderful. But every now and then a Friday rolls around and the last thing I want to do is down a bunch of wine that will make me feel quite ill in the morning. Here are my favorite 23 things to do on Friday night when I don’t feel like getting drunk.

23. Go to a dance class


22. Paint your nails


21. Bake something delicious


20. Pamper yourself with an at-home spa night


19. Listen to an album you used to love


18. Create a work-out playlist


17. Write a bucket list


16. Call a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while


15. Plan a vacation on Pinterest


14. Practice meditating


13. Write an unexpected thank you letter


12. Go to a comedy show


11. Do an adult coloring book


10. Skype with a friend you haven’t seen in over 6 months


9. Visit the highest point in your city


8. Clean out your wardrobe


7. Try a new you-tube make-up tutorial


6. Have a photoshoot


5. Go on a dessert date with a friend


4. Watch your favorite childhood Disney movie


3. Do a vision board


2. Put on some house music and practice shuffling!


1. Write a letter to a soldier



How do you spend your Friday nights? Anyone not drink at all?

7 Trips to Take with Your BFF

Solo travel is great, but BFF travel is better. Be sure to check these 7 trips off your list! || a tipsy gypsy life #travel #explore #tips

Traveling solo is wonderful for so many reasons. You get to make all the decisions, you learn to handle business, and the memories are yours and yours alone. But sometimes, sharing is caring. Here are the 7 trips I find essential to take with a BFF.


A real road trip

This is how I define real road trip- with a particular destination in mind where flying was a reasonable option OR if the scenery changes. You’ll never love someone more than when they put on the EXACT song you wanted to hear at 2 a.m. while providing you a steady stream of snacks. Just don’t make any rash decisions, like forgetting jumper cables. 

A cruise

If you can’t afford the liquor package (I feel ya) you can always be a little sneaky. On your first stop, buy a water bottle, filler up with clear liquor, and discretely try to bring it back on. The worst that happens is you have to throw it away, the best thing that happens is memories that you don’t really remember.


Does the word “lol” just pop in your head? That’s Vegas. It was SO helpful having two beautiful brunettes to coerce bouncers and get free stuff. Vegas is expensive! Especially the shows! I saw “Rose. Rabbit. Lie” and it was life-changing.  Try to get to old Vegas for creative cocktails and tasty treats.

Someplace neither of you have been before

Maybe you had the same idea, maybe someone is tagging along. Preferably neither of you speak the language. But I promise you, nothing bonds like having to act like complete fools together.


Bring your BEST shopping buddy (who has an appetite) and hit the town. NYC is one of those cities that beckons you to do it big. Skimping on the some of the worlds best dining is just NOT possible. Save yourself some cash by eating lunch at the the nicer eateries and dinner on the street. Need some inspiration? Look up #nycstreetfood on Instagram.

A Music Festival

Camping definitely ups the bonding experience (think TomorrowLand or Burning Man), but if you can’t stand it, there are plenty of other festivals to attend like Electric Daisy Carnival. Please don’t forget sunscreen! Such a rookie mistake that will ruin your camping experience.


There is a magical island where summer never ends and the musica never stops. Who else would you want accompanying you on sailboats and in clubs? This is one of the only places I might consider packing something nice for. Who knows who you might run into?




What was your favorite trip with a friend? Do you prefer solo travel or with friends?

Should You Visit a National Park During Off-Season?


Should You Visit A National Park in the Off-Season

I’ll admit it, I’ve been selfish. I’ve been enjoying my jobs and classes and haven’t spent much time on the interwebz. One of the way too much fun things I’ve done recently was take my first trip to the Grand Canyon- in December! I was a little nervous as I don’t have too much experience with frigid weather and had little to no supplies… And it was the off-season. What does that even mean? For the Grand Canyon, summer months see almost half a million more visitors than you would in say, December.


 As an American, it pained me to admit that at 23 years old I still hadn’t seen the Grand Canyon. Luckily, my best two travel buddies are ALWAYS down for an adventure, so us three gals, two dogs, and the love of my life loaded up my car a few weeks ago to see what this big ole hole was all about.


 Can I quickly interlude to the fact that it is PHENOMENAL! Don’t tell my friends, but it definitely brought me to tears at least once. The lyrics “This land is your land, this land is my land…” were pretty much on repeat in my head. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a bit of a romantic and I thought the whole thing gave me a sense of national pride I would have never felt otherwise.


But anyways, did I mention the weather was set to be below 20? (Fahrenheit, don’t let me confuse, it was FRIDGID!)  As I said earlier, I don’t have much experience with cold weather. We did the best we could with liquor and wine and cuddles. Speaking of, I want to give a shout out to my crew for being so clever! It’s always nice when everyone in the group not only pulls their weight, but brings something to the table. Everyone did their fair share of research and cuddles…

Driving advice- there are so many beautiful sights to catch on the route to the canyon! We chose Sedona, thanks to one lovely girls research. Although getting out to explore was fun, just driving through the immaculate, otherworldly landscape was breathtaking. A little north of Sedona you’ll find Flagstaff which is pretty much the last signal of civilization until the canyon. The town of Flagstaff itself is pretty damn adorable if you have a chance to stop by! There were tons of cute bars and restaurants. Stop by the Wal-Mart if you need any supplies- most notably liquor and games to play because the park will shut down pretty early.

Anyways, the good stuff! Why was going in the off-season great?

We decided the best bet was to stay in the actual park for the sort of hop-out-of-bed-and-hike experience. The first noted bonus was that we didn’t have to pay the park fee because we literally just drove through and no one was there… It’s pretty dead in the winter, which is great because NO QUEUES!

We chose the Yavapai Lodge because it’s awesome and they allow dogs. My only serious fear for the trip was freezing to death in a little cabin… As with most fears, they were empty because the the Yavapai had a superb heater… At times, too superb. It got toasty! There was just enough people to feel safe in the case of a Texas chainsaw ordeal, but we were on our own for the most part.

The room itself was much better than what I had prepared for. Expect hotel, not motel. Minifridge, nice TV, and the lotion was the SAME from ** in Miami. Felt a little pampered…

At one part of the rim, there is a little store that has the BEST hot chocolate I have ever had in my life… Tasted similar to the chocolate stuff in Madrid and was overlooking one of the prettiest parts of the canyon.

There is also an awesome restaurant called El Tovar at the El Tovar Hotel. Try to snag a spot over-looking the canyon to get a drink or two before dinner. And don’t forget the French Onion soup! Exquisite 😉



Stable shoes… You don’t want to slide down the side of this ish. I wore high-top vans and was fine, although if you plan on hiking down to the river you should bring hiking boots

Water… Can’t say the water is safe there year-round.

GAMES… So happy we did this. Taboo was hilarious especially after another important item…

Liquor/Wine/Beer… Mostly to stay warm. Okay, twist my arm, it’s nice to wind down with a drink after a hike or two.