The Ultimate New Orleans Food Bucket List

So if you haven’t noticed, I might have a thing for New Orleans. I went to college an hour away, and moved there after graduating. It would be downright shameful if I kept all of my favorite spots to myself, wouldn’t it? Don’t fret, right in time for Mardi Gras I bring you…. The New Orleans Food Bucket List. Click on each restaurant’s name to find hours and location.

Going to #Nola but not sure where to eat? Look no further! Here is a list of my favorite foods and where to get them || #travel #explore #mardigras

Po-Boy and an Abita Strawberry Beer

Tucked behind Carrollton ave in Uptown, Adam’s Street Market serves the freshest and fattest po-boys around. Fried shrimp is my favorite, but roast beef is another popular choice. The Oak Street Po-Boy Fest is held in the neighborhood every year, and Adam’s always comes through.


Boiled Crawfish

Stay in season, which generally goes form March-June, although the recent years have varied a little bit (thanks, global warming…) Ask someone to show you how to peel it, and then suck the heads! All the hard work of seasoning and boiling garlic, onions, and other greens goes right into the head. Most bars will serve crawfish during the heat of the season, but Deanie’s Seafood serves them most of the year.


Shrimp-N-Grits & Irish Coffee

One of the best breakfasts for fighting a hangover, shrimp-n-grits were perfected in New Orleans. Light, fluffy, warm grits covered in scallions, gulf shrimp, and bacon? I’ll take it. Ruby Slipper Café manages to do the BEST shrimp-n-grits and a kickass Irish Coffee with the perfect amount of whipped cream. Not a coffee/whisky fan? Try any of these local favorites.


Nut-Covered Gulf Fish

Gulf fish are generally very large, white, and delicate. Local chefs dust the fish with Louisiana pecans and bake, giving it a slightly crispy outside. Go to Antoinne’s and order the Filet de Gulf Poisson Amandine. You won’t be disappointed!


Shrimp Remoulade

The cutest family restaurant, Mandina’s Restaurant is one those beautiful blends of Italian-Creole cuisine. The result is families laughing, girlfriends catching up, and bankers at happy hour. Everyone feels at home in this big pink restaurant in mid-city.


Seafood Gumbo

Nothing warms your soul like a bowl of steaming gumbo, believe dat. Shrimp, sausage, Okra, and whatever else the cook deems delicious atop a bowl of white rice. Get it at Liuzza’s by the Track and toss a little Crystal hot sauce in it. IF you make it to Jazz Fest, you MUST stop by Liuzza’s- the surrounding neighborhood turns into a block party during the festivities.


Turtle Soup

For a city that rarely dips below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, we sure know how to stay warm. This savory little soup is perfect for a chilly fall night. Commander’s Palace has the best in town, and they make a killer martini to pair.


Bread Pudding

This gooey sweet treat is a Southern favorite. You can find it on pretty much every menu, but some truly are a step above the rest. Bon Ton Café has one of the damn best in town and it’s on Magazine Street, perfect for shopping after a delicious treat. Keep in mind it is CLOSED Saturday and Sunday. Can’t squeeze it during the week? Try Muriel’s by Jackson Square or grab it with your turtle soup at Commanders.



Yes, it is a Vietnamese dish, but there are plenty of places in New Orleans that will send you to Ho Chi Mihn City Perfect for lunch after a long night of partying. Try to get the beef- the more fat you get, the more it will soak up the alcohol. Dueces, hangover. Get it at Lilly’s, or any of the other 6 Vietnamese restaurants I mentioned.


Praline bacon, Redneck Eggs, & Brandy Milk Punch

Elizabeth’s is the best place in town for a little hair of the dog and a fulfilling meal. Get the sweet, salty praline bacon to start and get ready for the real deal (drumroll please)…. Redneck Eggs- a fried green tomato benedict. Keep the Brandy Milk Punch flowing and you’ll be back on Bourbon Street in no time.


Bananas Foster

Get it at the place it was invented and perfected, Brennan’s. Cooked bananas, vanilla ice-cream, and cinnamon brown sugar sauce make this sinful treat amazing. The mixture of warm and cold sensations with a hint of rum is almost too good to deal with. But you will manage, and love life.


Alligator Sausage

My favorite choice from the funky and always fun Dat Dog. There are three locations in the city, but the one on Magazine draws a younger crowd. Pair it with their cocktail for the day- last time it was a blueberry mojito. AMAZING.


Burger and Monsoon from Port of Call

The secret is out, and everyone knows these are the BEST damn burgers in town. The side is a fully loaded, baked potato. The monsoon will help is a fruity concoction designed to get you drunk, so pace yourself.


King Cake Cheesecake

King cake (the large, braided, cinnamon pastry topped with icing and sprinkles) is great, but king cake cheesecake is to DIE for.  Get it at Mr. B’s Bistro, where they drizzle it with white chocolate ganache. Dress nice, the place loves to do service right!


Have you had any of these New Orlean’s treats? What looks the best to you?


If there is one thing you have to understand about New Orleans, it is that drinking is an essential part of the culture. Bottomless mimosas at brunch, 24-hour liquor sales, and no open container laws make this city the perfect home for a tipsy gypsy. Below are my top 10 must have drinks when in New Orleans and where to find them. Laissez les bons temps roule!

Pimm’s Cup
When the gates of hell open, aka summer in the South, nothing beats a Pimm’s Cup. Made with refreshing muddled cucumber, mint, soda or bubbly, and fruity (but fresh) Pimm’s gin based mix.
8 Must Have New Orleans Drinks and Where to Find Them! - The city caters to drinking like none other. Check out my favorite local concoctions as well as where to find them. || a tipsy gypsy life Get it at:
Napoleon House
500 Chartres St.
New Orleans, LA 70130

Bloody Mary
No one does it better, believe dat. Any time of day most bars will do it big. Expect pickled okra and occasionally bacon. My favorite by far, is at one of my FAVORITE brunch places, Elizabeths. They also have praline bacon. Oh yes. It’s also the perfect atmosphere to nurse a hangover, no judging. I could rave on and on but just let this do it for me.

8 Must Have New Orleans Drinks & Where to Find Them! || a tipsy gypsy life
Get it at:
Elizabeth’s Restaurant
601 Gallier St.
New Orleans, LA 70107


Brandy Milk Punch
Great for a little hair of the dog. A little cognac, milk, simple syrup and vanilla and viola. It’s so thick and refreshing it can suffice for a breakfast on a rough morning.

Don't miss out on #mardigras ! Here are the 10 must have #nola drinks and where to find them #explore

Get it at:
The Ruby Slipper Cafe
200 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Mint Julep
Another beyond refreshing drink made with muddled mint. People wouldn’t be able survive in the heat without these little gifts from God. Enjoy at the Carousel Bar- a classy little joint where locals like to have a drink and people watch. Located in the Hotel Monteleone, you can’t go wrong with a moving bar and original drinks.

8 MUST HAVE DRINKS & WHERE TO FIND THEM || a tipsy gypsy life


Get it at:
Hotel Monteleone
214 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA 70130


One of the city’s signature cocktails, this baby has been around since the 1860’s. It’s (supposed to be) made with absinthe. Can’t go wrong with that!

New Orleans is a city that loves to drink- Don't miss any of the signature cocktails! Here are the 10 must have New Orleans drinks and where to find them #nola #explore

Get it at:
The Roosevelt New Orleans
130 Roosevelt Way
New Orleans, LA 70112


Brandy Alexander
Oh my LAWD! This is such a delicate and precious treat. It’s basically alcoholic vanilla ice-cream, usually an after dinner drink. Straight up amazing combo of dessert and drank.
8 Must Have New Orleans Drinks & Where to Find Them || Brandy Alexander || a tipsy gypsy life
Get it at:
The Steak Knife

888 Harrison Ave
New Orleans, LA 70124


 I know how tempting is it to go straight for a Pat O’Briens Hurricane, I understand. But have a little faith in a gal, a Monsoon from Port of Call is where it’s at. Sweet, fruity, and ice-cold. They also so happen to have some of the BEST burgers in the city accompanied with a real loaded baked potato.

8 Must Have New Orleans Drinks & Where to Find Them || a tipsy gypsy life

Get it at:
Port of Call
838 Esplanade Ave
New Orleans, LA 70116


Cafe Brulot Diabolique
A delicious and entertaining after dinner drink made with coffee, brandy, cloves, etc. The server artfully concocts your drink at your table, including lighting the whole thing on fire. You definitely have to have it where it was invented- Antoine’s.

Don't miss out at #mardigras find out which drinks are the MUST haves in #nola #explore

Get it at:
713 St Louis St.
New Orleans, LA 70130


Have you been to New Orleans? Which drink is your must have?

How to do NOLA like a local

I love New Orleans, but I know I’m not alone…

How to Spend a Day in NOLA like a local || a tipsy gypsy life || #nola #travel

How to do #NOLA like a #local || a tipsy gypsy life || #travel

How to do #NOLA like a #local || a tipsy gypsy life || #travel #poboy

How to do #NOLA like a #local ||a tipsy gypsy life || #travel

How to do #NOLA like a #local || a tipsy gypsy life || #travel

How to do #NOLA like a #local || a tipsy gypsy life || #travel #orleans

How to do #NOLA like a #local || a tipsy gypsy life || #travel

How to do #nola like a local || a tipsy gypsy life || #travel #orleans #cheers

Confession, I’m not a local. But I did luck out with a NOLA boy and lived in the city for a year. So for a perfect Nola day, and yes the weather was EXQUISITE yesterday! Start with an Adams street po-boy in Uptown. Head to the outskirts of Audubon Park and get enveloped by the massive grand Oaks. Then head down Magazine Street for some drinks and pool (or air hockey or foosball) at Ms. Maes. Work up an appetite and keep on heading down Magazine Street. We chose Salú Bistro and Bar for their excellent happy hour… Can you say HALF-OFF CHAMPAGNE?! Shit yeah! OHHH YEAH! Also, if you haven’t had mussels before, get them at Salú. Nola does seafood right, believe dat. Also, notice to dig in, it’s much easier to use an empty shell to remove the tasty little delicacies. I love life.