The One Thing I ALWAYS Regret Packing: 7 Travel Bloggers Tell All

The One Thing I Always Regret Packing #travel #explore #packingtips #traveltips

What’s worse, being jealous or crazy overpacked or underpacked? Y’all already know, from personal experience, I believe it’s better to underpack. Let’s think about two different experiences on the same trip.

A traveler is getting ready for her first trip to Thailand with a good friend. Volunteering with elephants, doing yoga in lush green fields, and maybe some aquatic adventures are all in the gameplan. She decides to go on the lighter side, with a few yoga pants, sneakers, sandals, light jacket, two tank tops, two bikinis, and a good attitude.

Traveler two has done her research. She actively tests the three different types of shoes she brought along, including rain boots. The medical kit she packed rivals that of an emergency room nurse. Upset stomach? Check. Malaria? No problem.

First thing the girls realize is the fabric of sundress they both brought was not going to fly— the humidity is causing some unsavory, stare attracting sweat stains. Thank god, Bangkok has thousands of markets and stalls, with eager to barter owners. The light packer figures out she could get about four forever 21 quality items for the price of one, and carefully selects some weather appropriate attire.

The prepped traveler couldn’t help herself—rompers for $5 USD?! She made sure to only purchase half of what the light packer did.

Reserved as she felt she was with her purchases, upon the last day, she realizes her suitcase won’t zip. Both girls start layering up, hoping they can avoid any issues with the airline. They go to weigh the bag, only to discover the suitcase has gained 11 pounds on the trip, bringing it 10 pounds over the limit. She gets hit with an over-the-weight limit fee for $100, taking the last of her travel funds and banishing her to a food-less and wine-less multi-day trip home.

One of the most delightful activities of travel is being able to bring back gifts for others… And maybe ourselves. Overpacking brings unnecessary stress to an otherwise fascinating adventure. In fact, I’ve witnessed and participated in tossing weathered items during a long trip. Not very environmentally friendly! So what’s the one thing I always regret packing?

High Stilettos!

The One Thing I Always Regret Packing #travel #tips #explore

When I first started traveling, when I was younger and braver, I would pack a pair of heels and then make myself wear them. Why? Probably so I wouldn’t feel bad about taking up a good portion of my suitcase with them. Oh, Italy. You are one slick beotch,  seeming romantic enough to call for heels at each dinner, only to make many an American study abroad students tumble to the ground shamelessly. But seriously, out of the 23 countries I’ve visited, I have never appreciated packing a pair of heels. Even when I’ve gone to more club scenes, like Barcelona, the heels only make an appearance less than 5% of my travel time.

And now, six travel bloggers tell the one thing they always regret packing! Take notes y’all, these are good.

The one thing I always regret packing #travel #explore #tips

Wherever I travel in the world, I always bring Swiss chocolate. Coming from Switzerland, it’s great gift to bring for friends & family abroad. But the number of times it’s leaked in my suitcase or melted in the car is more than I can count… and I quickly regret my decision. It’s easy to underestimate weather in other countries and also the luggage handling. So if you must bring gifts along on your travels, try to think ahead and if possible, unload them as soon as you can — especially if they are messy or fragile. Now I bring treats from Switzerland that can withstand some heat and turbulence such as Kambly cookies, marzipan, and Ricola instant teas.”
Christy from Something Swiss 

The One Thing I Always Regret Packing #travel #tips #explore

For some reason, my idea of looking good involves having perfect hair. Every time I travel, something inside me says, “Andrea, you need your hair straightener & curling iron.” So, I always pack both, and you know what? I probably use them 30% of the time. In reality, during most of my travels, I’m too busy to even remember I have hair. On a trip, there are places to see, food to taste, people to meet and first-time experiences to be had. Doing my hair to make it look “perfect” can last about 2 hours! Thankfully, I’ve been learning lately that there are things far more important than what you look like, so those two hair supplies are getting very little love these days. If there’s one thing I’m certain about is that sitting in my room doing my hair isn’t going to help me create any memories.

Andrea from It’s a Travel O.D.

The one thing I always regret packing #travel #explore #tips

I always regret packing my books. At the beginning of the trip, I always think “I could use a Kindle, but it’s so much nicer reading actual books that you can hold”… Fast forward a few weeks when I’ve walked from one side of a city and back again trying to find my hostel and all of a sudden, the idea of those five books weighing down my already heavy backpack is not so appealing. I almost always end up getting rid of all but one of them and vowing that I will just bring a Kindle the next time!

Julianna from The Discoveries Of

The one thing I always regret packing #travel #explore #tips

Excessive drugs! Yes, drugs – it’s exactly what I just said. I’m a mountain-fanatic who hikes up mountains. Any loving parent would nag their child to bring all medication possible when going on a trip. So, I went trekking in the mountains in 20 plus countries for a year and brought almost 2 pounds of drugs with me from cold medicine to prescription antibiotics for whatever kind of illness I could humanly think of. I came back from that one year trip without even touching any of it. Of course, I’m grateful for being healthy the entire time but the experience made me rethink how potential illness on the road should be approached. And the kind of culture that exists in the U.S. where I’m from when it comes to medication. Since then, I have taken a different approach – preventive, rather than treatment. For subsequent treks and travels, I now rely on my yoga practice, cardio routine, sleep, meditation and living a stress free life as the things I put in my backpack – less pack weight, cheaper, safer, and more effective!
Marinel from Brown Gal Trekker

The one thing I always regret packing #travel #explore #tips

I always pack 3-4 pair of jeans thinking that I will wear those. Daily a different one. But in reality, that doesn’t happen. Once I am at the destination, I don’t even give a care of what I have brought with me, I just need my shorts and a t-shirt, and I can happily get over with my whole trip. It makes me feel free to travel in, unlike those tight skinny jeans, which limit my flexibility and moreover too uncomfortable under the sun’s scorching heat. In case it’s cold, I choose a warm track-pant, t-shirt, and a jacket, if needed. But always on the way back from the trip, I regret as to why I carried those extra load of jeans, and they never return home in good condition.
Mohit from Mohit Arts

The one thing I always regret packing #travel #explore #tips

“I always regret packing my jewelry box when heading to Europe during the winter. I never end up wearing them as the winter clothing always cover them anyhow or I just forget I even packed them. My advice is to only pack your most frequently used jewelry, those you never take off. And never pack any valuable items! When I take my expensive ring or necklace with me, I always regret packing it because it’s one more thing to worry about and make sure it doesn’t get stolen or forgotten in one of the hotels.”

Hadas from The Fashion Matters

Okay, we shared, now it’s your turn! What’s the one thing you always regret packing?

The Minimalist Travel Carry-On Essentials

Ever feel like you are over-packed yet underprepared? #minimalism #travel

Have you ever waited for quite a while to make a big purchase, telling yourself you’d wait it out and if you realllllly want it, you’ll buy it, only to lose it within two weeks? If that sentence was shorter, it could be the title of the story of my life. Traveling so happens to magnify my lack of organization and after years of tearfully calling hostels to “please just check one more time sniffle” for something I shouldn’t even packed anyways, Ive gotten my shit together. Tons of people understandably dread flying. But, just like everything in life, there is a trick. I’ve been a little smitten with attempting to turn into a minimalist, especially travel. Preparation is the difference between a great trip and a shittay trip and when it comes to a carry-on, minimalism is key.


Should be enough said, but I’ll say it again bring ya damn headphones! Introverts will delight in the realization that putting them on, whether you are jamming out or not, will usually prevent strangers from chatting with you. Do yourself a favor and actually download music- you won’t be able to stream music even if you purchase inflight wi-fi!

Baby Wipes

Not for what you’re thinking 😉. After a few hours of flying, locking yourself in the bathroom and cleansing your face (and body) feels like a gift from the heavens. It’s tempting to purchase a pack of scented facial wipes, but trust me, don’t do it! I’ve fallen into the facial wipes trap before. After 12+ hours traveling, your face reacts unkindly to the extras in facial wipes, making your skin either sticky or Stick with the classic for a refreshing mini-cleaning.

A Small Notebook

write down your passport number, any confirmation numbers, and your flight number. It wouldn’t hurt to secretly enter your credit card info as well, by secretly, I mean do not put the sequence on the same page. This has saved my arse a hundred times while nursing a dead phone.

Pack of tissues

OYE. This is my life advice to girls- always keep tissues on you, especially when traveling or at a festival. Plenty of places do not provide toilet paper in public restrooms (if there are public restrooms) and Porta Potties are quite unreliable- especially at festivals!

Soft Shawl

The perfect pillow, blanket, and jacket combo. Sticking with a neutral tone, such as a grey or a brown will allow for versatility. I prefer thick cotton or wool blends to make for a perfectly plush pillow. Take some time and invest in one you find comfy, you two will become great friends.

Charger + Adapter

Especially if you happen to be the type of person that wings the important tasks like finding accommodation. Hell is arriving in a city, with a dead phone, and no place to go. Don’t let it happen to you.

A Med Pouch

If you haven’t gotten sick on a plane yet, I pray you avoid it at all costs. Feeling ill with no chance of relief is hell on earth. In my med pack, I generally keep Emergen-C, Advil (caffeine) and Melatonin. And most importantly… hand sanitizer! Especially if you just rolled your eyes. Trust me, I’m all for the “building of immune systems” with letting germs germ around. Flying is another animal. Ebola. SARS. Plenty of other shit I’m sure. If that doesn’t bother you, please think of errybody else. Don’t be so… Shellfish 🦀


Ideally, every traveler would have an iPad that holds all their favorite books, songs, and movies. However, if you haven’t jumped on the Apple train yet, no fear! Simply grab two novellas (they will fit easier and you have a variety) or one novel and one magazine. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a master of the novella- “Of Love and Other Demons” is one of my favorite books!

Why Every Traveler Should Pack Coconut Oil

Why Every Traveler Should Pack Coconut Oil ||a tipsy gypsy life  #traveltips #wanderlust

For those who are new around here, I have to admit a bit of a minimalist. In other-words, I hate carrying a bunch of shit around that I never use. (Heels in Spain? Why self, why?) When traveling, this pet peeve turns into a full-blown planning extravaganza. Always 12 hours before I leave, of course. Luckily, the gates of heaven opened up and introduced me to coconut oil. I have been using coconut oil for about two years now at home for a host of beauty and health needs. When traveling, coconut oil saves me from bringing conditioner, mouthwash, lip moisturizer and a ton of other beauty essentials.


Moisturize Dry Lips.

Dab a small amount on both lips, taking care to add extra to damaged areas. Coconut oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so it’ll keep everything smooth and clean.


Detangle Hair.

If you’ve ever spent a day frolicking on the sea, you’ve understood the pain of a tangled mane. Rub coconut oil from ends up, detangling with a comb or fingers. Wash out two times with shampoo.


Hair Serum.

Yaaaaassss! Coconut oil adds unreal volume and makes my waves a little more pronounced. It also gives a godly shine. Dab the tiniest amount in your palms and rub them together. LESS IS MORE and please start only on the ends, working your way up.


Mouth Wash.

Whether or not you complete the oil pulling, coconut oil has medicinal benefits by balancing the bacteria in your mouth. Few things are more stressful than feeling dirty while traveling! Swish around for at least two minutes to get results. If you have time to do a 30 minute oil pull


Moisturize Skin.

Again, with coconut oil, a little goes a long way. Personally, I do not use coconut oil on my face. I will use it on my hands often and legs in dry climates.


My number one use for coconut oil is….. Removing eye-makeup!

Even waterproof mascara. As someone who struggles enough to put the mascara on while traveling definitely isn’t going to spend much time cleaning it off- r packing makeup remover and wasting space. Wipe a small amount on a closed eye, rubbing the eyelashes gently. Moving in an upward motion, use a clean tissue to wipe makeup off.


How to Store Coconut Oil

Spillage is the number one reason coconut oil gets left behind. Before I travel, I put the virgin coconut oil in the refrigerator until solid. I take a cleaned out makeup container (usually lush lip scrub or plastic mini-bottle from a dollar store) and scoop as much as I can into the container. To avoid spillage, I double bag with mini plastic snack bags. I have yet to have spillage issues, but if you’re worried, go with this brand.  Organic, extra virgin, unrefined that comes in a tube they swear doesn’t spill.


Packing for 18 days in SE Asia 

Just touched down in Denver, finished the first leg of my trip. 3 hours down, 27 to go. Going from Denver to Tokyo is about 12 hours, by far the longest flight I’ve been on. Luckily I was pretty well prepared for the first one, and have time to stock up for the big guy. I snagged a window seat so hopefully it will be light out enough to see some things. I don’t get into Singapore until 12:00 am Tuesday, which is going to mess up the whole “adjusting to a new time zone” thing but I mean I’m going to friggin Singapore so can’t complain 😊 but anyways, I need some direction Internet. What are your must see/ do in Singapore? What about Bangkok? Bali? Basically I’m winging this one and would love some advice 🙂

Ive been a firm believer in not checking bags since birth, so at this point I have it down pat. Packing is actually a fun activity for me, although it never gets done more than 12 hours in advance hehe.

Here’s what I packed for 18 days in SE Asia in a carry-on.
-Pink Nike Duffle-

4 bath suits

4 athletic tanks

3 blouses

3 dressy tanks

3 printed pants

3 sundresses

3 pair shorts

3 bras (one sports)

2 pair sleep shorts

2 shawls

1 pair legging

1 chambray shirt

1 t-shirt

1 sandal


1 sleep mask

-Electronics bag-

Go pro hero 3

iPad mini

Diggie cam

Phone charger

-Girly Bag – notice how cool it is! My loves mum (who is a saint) got it for me for the trip 😁




Lipstick (I’m vain)


Baby wipes




Malaria pills


Face wash

Toothbrush & paste

Shampoo & conditioner ** I normally would just advise waiting till you arrive at your destination, but I land at midnight in Singapore so I ain’t taking no chances.

Quite possibly the most important aspect of packing…


iPad mini

Nivea  Chapstick

2 Luna bars

1 cliff bar


Baby wipes

Smart water




Compression socks- the one thing I forgot to get before the airport! Shame on me. At least I got a sweet pair of Saints socks #whodat!

I’ll be in touch once I get to Tokyo!