The Guest House you must stay at in Chiang Mai

*This is NOT a sponsored post- we had an almost scary situation and as female travelers, the Chaing Mai Royal Guest House made us feel safer than a child in the womb.*


I know, the options seem endless. Choices can be daunting, you hop off your train and 20 hostel owners are trying to lure you into their property. Don’t fall for it! I’m sure there are plenty of respectable and beautiful places, but I can only vouch for one. The Royal Guest House Chiang Mai is a charming (in the looks, not size sense) place to stay for any traveler. We saw the traditional gap yah backpacker, families, older couples, and of course, female travelers.


There are plenty of options in Chiang Mai, #Thailand. Read why you must stay at The Royal Guest house #Chiang #Mai  

You walk up a lush, vine covered walk-way to a beautiful pool where just enough people are to make you comfortable, but not too many to disturb your peace. The open-air lobby is traditionally decorated with a fountain and gorgeous, thick wooden furniture. There is a bar and restaurant serving amazing Thai and some Western food. The music is great, relaxing during the day, and a little more upbeat as the night goes on and guests trickle in to chat and laugh. Don’t worry, the music doesn’t get loud enough to reach the rooms. You can even drop off your laundry to be done by the evening- and it smelled AMAZING!

You have multiple room options for every budget. From shared bathrooms, to fanned rooms, to AC, to second floor with exquisite decor, any one can feel comfortable at The Royal Guest House Chiang Mai. The front desk girl is SO sweet and helpful, always smiling and ready to answer questions. Oh, and free wi-fi.


There are plenty of options in Chiang Mai. Read why you must stay at the Royal House #Chiang #Mai || a tipsy gypsy life  

As female travelers, we felt extremely safe, even though we had a precaution to take. We had a slightly concern about some men that were making us very uncomfortable and unfortunately they knew our room numbers (now brothers and boyfriends, don’t jump me. It was via a tour) Although it wasn’t that big of a deal, we were still concerned. When we returned to The Royal Guest House Chiang Mai, I spoke to the front desk agent, a young man. He took it very seriously, asking plenty of questions, letting me know about the cameras, and spoke to both the security guard and the bartender. I even sat in the lobby area for an hour calming myself down. Every time a man walked in, all three of them perked up. I can’t express how relieving that was, because sometimes people don’t take these things seriously. The professionalism of the employees made the experience all that much better.

The best part? It is family owned and operated. As we were checking out, I was able to talk to the son, and compliment him on his employees. He was very interested in what we genuinely thought of the place and approved of his employees behavior. You can tell he truly cares about his visitors and his families business. I highly recommend this place for any traveller. Here is a link to their and hostelworld account –

As I said, this is not a sponsored post! I was so ecstatic to have The Royal Guest House Chiang Mai take our female traveler concerns seriously and hope the best for them.

There are plenty of options in #Chiang Mai, #Thailand. Read why you must stay at The Royal House Chiang Mai || a tipsy gypsy life