The opposite of FOMO

What is FOMO ? The “fear of missing out”… I thoroughly believe social media is the cause for this unnecessary fear. For me, whenever I (rarely) try to stick to a (packed) travel itinerary, I’m unhappy. Trying to cram in a bunch of things that people “insist” you see is not what traveling is about. I’ve never suffered from FOMO,  I would say I have “fear of doing shit I have no desire to do” lolZ. Or the opposite of FOMO. Yes I just said lolZ because I laugh out loud every time I think of trying to convince myself to do something I don’t want to on my vacay. It is your trip. If you want to chill on your hotel balcony for 3 days and read, then so be it. If you want to skip the Louvre in Paris, that’s fine too. Don’t let someone who isn’t responsible for your happiness control it.

In fact, don’t listen to me! FOMO is the only way some people can enjoy life. As for me, I like to roll with the punches or better yet, Laissez les bon temps roulez! Put it out to the universe that you want to enjoy yourself, and she will make it happen. Promise.

Do you suffer from FOMO, enjoy it, or never heard of it?

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  • I totally hear you on this one! I know some people see it as whiney, but if there’s something I don’t want to do on a trip I just don’t do it. Even if “everybody else” does it! I can put on my big girl pants and explore by myself for a while. Love your attitude, too!

    • Lauren E

      Glad to hear another free spirit out there 🙂 we are not alone hehe