7 Trips to Take with Your BFF

Solo travel is great, but BFF travel is better. Be sure to check these 7 trips off your list! || a tipsy gypsy life #travel #explore #tips

Traveling solo is wonderful for so many reasons. You get to make all the decisions, you learn to handle business, and the memories are yours and yours alone. But sometimes, sharing is caring. Here are the 7 trips I find essential to take with a BFF.


A real road trip

This is how I define real road trip- with a particular destination in mind where flying was a reasonable option OR if the scenery changes. You’ll never love someone more than when they put on the EXACT song you wanted to hear at 2 a.m. while providing you a steady stream of snacks. Just don’t make any rash decisions, like forgetting jumper cables. 

A cruise

If you can’t afford the liquor package (I feel ya) you can always be a little sneaky. On your first stop, buy a water bottle, filler up with clear liquor, and discretely try to bring it back on. The worst that happens is you have to throw it away, the best thing that happens is memories that you don’t really remember.


Does the word “lol” just pop in your head? That’s Vegas. It was SO helpful having two beautiful brunettes to coerce bouncers and get free stuff. Vegas is expensive! Especially the shows! I saw “Rose. Rabbit. Lie” and it was life-changing.  Try to get to old Vegas for creative cocktails and tasty treats.

Someplace neither of you have been before

Maybe you had the same idea, maybe someone is tagging along. Preferably neither of you speak the language. But I promise you, nothing bonds like having to act like complete fools together.


Bring your BEST shopping buddy (who has an appetite) and hit the town. NYC is one of those cities that beckons you to do it big. Skimping on the some of the worlds best dining is just NOT possible. Save yourself some cash by eating lunch at the the nicer eateries and dinner on the street. Need some inspiration? Look up #nycstreetfood on Instagram.

A Music Festival

Camping definitely ups the bonding experience (think TomorrowLand or Burning Man), but if you can’t stand it, there are plenty of other festivals to attend like Electric Daisy Carnival. Please don’t forget sunscreen! Such a rookie mistake that will ruin your camping experience.


There is a magical island where summer never ends and the musica never stops. Who else would you want accompanying you on sailboats and in clubs? This is one of the only places I might consider packing something nice for. Who knows who you might run into?




What was your favorite trip with a friend? Do you prefer solo travel or with friends?

  • lauren edwards

    Oh NYC is the dream travel destination for me and my bestie. We’re determined to visit one day and see all the sights!

    I love travelling with friends…if I pick the right ones to travel with. I think making sure that you and your friend’s travel styles are similar. As much as I love one of my friends, when we travelled together this summer to LA, we both got very stressed out at each other’s presence at times.
    Although I find travelling alone very nerve wracking, I think its great fun. I travelled from England to New York, and then New York to Washington by myself and found it scary, but oddly relaxing. There’s something amazing about being in a place you’ve never been before and navigating it by yourself that I love. I was so surprised by the kindness of strangers, I think being my yourself when travelling forces you to talk to people.

    That being said, I think at the moment while I’m still quite new to travelling I would prefer to travel with a friend I know has a similar attitude to me.

    • Lauren @ atipsygypsylife.com

      AH! It can be so stressful traveling with friends, especially if it is the first trip! Definitely want to find someone who is your speed and who wants to do similar things as you. Hope you get to see NYC soon!

  • “The worst that happens is you have to throw it away, the best thing that happens is memories that you don’t really remember.” Hahahahaha! Good tip! And yep, all of these would be pretty damn awesome to do with your best friend.

    • Lauren @ atipsygypsylife.com

      It’s such a tried and true one! Wish I could say I came up with it 🙂

  • I love this list! My girl friends from high school and I all moved to NYC after school so it’s like we had a never ending girls trips. I wholly encourage bffs to go to NYC!

    • Lauren @ atipsygypsylife.com

      That’s amazing! I really want to go this year, when is your favorite time to hang out in the city? Thanks for stopping by!

      • Fall is my favorite. There are sti leaves on the trees but the temp is cool enough To wear cute clothes!

        • Lauren @ atipsygypsylife.com

          Central Park in reds, oranges, and yellows?! Sigh, what a dreamy scene 💕

  • This is such a good list! I’ve still never done a music fest with my best friend, and it’s totally on my list! Now if I could only slow down time and stop aging haha.

    • Lauren @ atipsygypsylife.com

      RIGHT? I sold my tickets to a Mad Decent Block Party after realizing we’d be the only people over 21 :'(

      The nice thing about music fests are there are SO MANY! Camping, outside, inside, all day, cruises. The options are endless my dear!