Where to Find Work Abroad (with links!)

Maybe you are absolutely baffled that people can support their travels across the world. Maybe you’ve worked abroad. Maybe, like me, you just like to have LITERALLY as many options as possible in life. It’s 2015 2016 people, the world is your oyster.

Ready to explore but worried about funds? Find where you can get jobs here || #explore #wanderlust

Teach English

While certification is advised in most countries in Europe, plenty of places will allow native English speakers to lead classrooms. Overqualified? You may be able to teach at a university. Use Dave’s ESL Cafe for current international job postings.

Where? All over the world, but Saudi Arabia, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam offer competitive pay.



It doesn’t have to writing, it can be editing, coding, virtual assistance, or a host of other jobs. I prefer using Upwork because it seems to be very reliable with low commitment on my end.

Where? Anywhere you have a wi-fi connection!


Be an Au Pair

You can be pretty picky nowadays with the internet. Using a site such as Great Au Pair or Care.com allows you to choose where and when you’d want to work.

Where?: All over, but Europe and the U.S. are very common.


Get Paid to Explore

With a scholarship! How many articles have you seen about travelers not using their degrees? You don’t have to let your $40,000 piece of paper go to waste. Here is a great compilation of scholarships that includes amount given and who may qualify.

Where? Mostly Europe and Japan although plenty of scholarships are not destination oriented.


Cut your expenses by …

Milking cows, picking olives, or changing sheets at a hostel. Workaway is by far the most reliable site for finding hosts. Be sure to verify whether or not meals will also be provided and what you need to bring (towels? toothpaste?) This is one of the BEST jobs abroad to get to know the trade of an area. Think Ecuadorian chocolate farm.

Where? Pretty much anywhere you can reach by plane, train, or boat.



Get a little experience before you leave -you’d be surprised at how often you use restaurant skills in real life. Three months is ideal.

Have a copy or two of your C.V.

If you plan on teaching English, have a professional picture attached to your resume.

JUST ASK! If you’re in a coffee shop in Istanbul and you think “damn, I’d love to work here.” Just ask. Because why the hell not?


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